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SLCene Suggests: Jane Lynch at the Eccles Center

by on December 30, 2014


JANE LYNCH, ECCLES CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, Park City, Wed., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., $40-$165

After years of stand-out performances in indie flicks like Best in Show and genuine blockbusters like The 40-Year-Old  Virgin, people finally started figuring out that Jane Lynch is a name that needed to be remembered among America’s great comedic actresses. Most of the credit goes to her role as the acerbic Sue Sylvester on the saccharine teen-soap Glee, which gave Lynch an outlet to bring a delightful nastiness to the proceedings–while also showing some genuine warmth at (very) select moments. The show also gave Lynch an outlet for her considerable singing chops, which makes her one-woman show The Anti-Cabaret Cabaret Show appearing at Park City’s Eccles Center on New Year’s Eve a must-see. How often does a comedy show give you a chance to sing along to some classic American standards, or does a concert give you genuine reason to laugh out loud?


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