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SLCene Suggests: Joshua James at The Urban Lounge

by on December 4, 2014


JOSHUA JAMES, THE URBAN LOUNGE, Saturday, Dec. 6, 9 p.m., $15

While Joshua James is a familiar face after years playing in Utah, his shows in his home state seem increasingly rare, making them all the more important to see and cherish. Simply one of the most talented folks to grace our state’s music scene, James makes his home in American Fork, where he co-owns Northplatte Records and lives a pretty “normal” family life when he’s not on the road or off recording stellar albums like From The Top of Willamette Mountain, or his recent collection of covers called Well, Then, I’ll Go to Hell. Earlier this year, he bounded off to  Australia to open some shows for the legendary Neil Finn, and hopefully he’s got some new tunes up his sleeve ready for public consumption when he plays Urban on Saturday. Timmy the Teeth opens the show.

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