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SLCene Suggests: Rob Zombie at Maverik Center

by on November 6, 2013

ROB ZOMBIE, MAVERIK CENTER,, Thursday, Nov. 7, 7 p.m., $40-$50

Any regular readers of this space know that I love me some Rob Zombie. I don’t listen to a ton of hard-rock or metal, but the insistent grooves Zombie has laced his music with through the years, via White Zombie and then as a solo artist, always strike a chord with me. And his live shows? Forget about it–they’re some of the most fun you can have in an arena- or amphitheater-sized venue. The man pumps plenty of the money generated from ticket sales right back into his stage presentation. We’re talking fire, video screens, robots and monsters stalking the stage, all while Zombie, guitar ace John 5 and the rest of the boys kick up a mighty racket. The only reticence I have about recommending Zombie’s show at the Maverik Center is the co-headliner, Korn, a band I’ve loathed since they arrived on the scene. As co-headliners on this “Night of the Living Dreads” tour, it’s hard to say who will play first each night, or whether they’ll alternate. Suffice to say, I’ll be skipping Korn either way.



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