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SLCene Suggests: Living Colour at The Depot

by on October 26, 2013

LIVING COLOUR, THE DEPOT, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 8 p.m., $22

I’m not much for collecting music memorabilia. I have plenty of concert t-shirts, a few posters and autographs, but considering the number of shows I’ve attended through the years, I’m pretty light on physical mementos. One treasured keepsake that I have tucked in a photo album is the playlist ripped from the stage of the Speedway Cafe from Living Colour’s 1988 show at the old all-ages venue long since torn down. Simply put, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The band was touring behind its debut, Vivid, a stellar blend of hard rock and funk that was a hit thanks to MTV hits like “Cult of Personality.” At the time, a rock band consisting of four black men–let alone one that was all over MTV and the radio–was pretty much unheard of, but the band’s incredible musicianship was undeniable. Guitarist Vernon Reid, the ringleader, had roots in jazz, but when he turned his mind toward rock and recruited singer Corey Glover, along with a stellar rhythm section, the connection among the bandmates was kinetic. They went on after Vivid to release a few more well-received albums and to play larger venues–one show at the old Utah State Fair Park Coliseum sticks out in my mind–before splitting up. Occasional reunion tours have eluded Salt Lake City since, but now they’re coming to town on a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of Vivid, playing the entire album along with other songs, no doubt. Despite the passage of time, my expectations are sky high for this show.


  1. Carter Lile permalink

    This one could be good.

  2. This promises to be an awesome show!

  3. Garrett Wilson permalink

    Wow! Epic is right!

  4. Lisa Wilson permalink

    Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been back east visiting family, didn’t get my tickets… I could definitely benefit from such a grand night of live music!

  5. J.T. permalink

    Gonna be an epic show!

  6. April Hall Soweidan permalink

    You can dooooo it!

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