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SLCene Suggests: Everything is Terrible! at Brewvies

by on September 13, 2013


To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to make of the touring edition of Everything Is Terrible! From what I’ve seen via video, it’s a group that takes some ridiculous found footage and turns it into something a lot funnier than originally intended. Consider it some sort of blend of Mystery Science Theater and Beavis & Butthead–at least the video version. I watched a bit of the troupe’s Comic Relief Zero!, and it was a pretty hilarious hodge-podge of old stand-up comedy clips mashed together into a brand new, highly questionable, viewing experience. The live tour for that collection, as well as EIT! Does The Hip-Hop, should make for a long night of serious laughs as they skewer some of the worst white-boy hip-hop ever created–we’re talking rapping claymation characters made for Pillsbury TV commercials, and little kids rapping about stamps. The possibilities are endless–and most likely they will all be terrible.



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