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Brave new neighborhood

by on April 12, 2013

If you care about small, sustainable neighborhoods and hate sterile, large-scale developments, you can be part of the solution taking form in Salt Lake’s Granary District.

Around the middle of May, Granary Row,  a “pop-up” New Urbanism demonstration project that will include retail and neighborhood gathering places (constructed of shipping containers and other reusable materials), a performance space and a beer garden based on recycled pallets, will sprout in the middle of 700 South (from 300 to 400 West) for six months. Above is an example from London of what they have in mind.

Ever wanted to run your own boutique or gallery or be a part of a new direction to urban living? Small businesses and galleries will be a vital part of the Granary Row experiment. The project offers spaces for micro-shops — 8×20 foot enclosed spaces ($250/mo lease) and 8×8 foot tents ($50 a weekend). Sort of an anti-Gateway.

Granary Row will last only for six months, but as New Urbanist Christian Harrison says: “Small space + small rent + small risk = big opportunity!” In short, you can chase your bliss without losing your shirt.

If Granary Row is successful, it could could be the basis of the transformation of the larger Granary District itself.

“G-Row” will be in an international spotlight at the end of May when the Congress of the New Urbanism holds its national conference. CNU promotes urban development that includes compact streets, housing for all ages and incomes at a scale that encourages the use of bicycles and public transit.

For more info on Granary Row: 801-550-9672 or on Facebook

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