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What will it take to clear the air?

by on March 20, 2013

Despite horrific air quality this winter that put protestors in front of the Capitol in gas masks, state lawmakers did zero to improve our quality of life. Nor will their inaction do anything to improve our global notoriety after we racked up the Top Five Cities with the worst air in the America.

No surprise, of course. If you’ve lived longer than five minutes in Utah, you know that citizen protests, petitions, the pleas of 100 doctors in the name of babies and other air-breathing organisms and a series of Democratic-back bills add up to the kiss of death for legislation as far as the majority is concerned.

To be fair, they did pass SB275, which will build more natural-gas stations and convert government vehicles to burn natural gas—and generally extend the state’s addiction to fossil-fuel transportation and highway building. Gov. Gary Herbert, who is basically a wholly owned subsidiary of the extraction industry, says SB275 is “quantum leap forward” in cleaning the air. The Salt Lake Trib does a good job of explaining this madness here.

Considering, the Legislature convenes annually at the same time the capital’s inversion hits its worst levels, they must be aware of the problem. In short, New Delhi and Beijing, watch your backs.

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