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Taking the high ground

by on January 20, 2013

In what is a good barometer for the gun fight that lies ahead, 1,500 Utahns swarmed up Utah’s Capitol Hill to proclaim their willingness to fight tooth and Glock President Obama’s initiative to tighten gun laws. The defiant gesture was repeated in state capitals across the nation.

Meanwhile, the gun-control advocates across the country clicked their mouses on online petitions.

Gun lobbyist Clark Aposhianproclaimed to “bedwetting, hand-wringing liberals”:

“…Thomas Jefferson anticipated you and called you a tyrant. And there’s already a method of taking care of it, if not by the First Amendment, then by the Second.”

The gun issue has obviously become a lightning rod for the nation’s widening political divide. The gun control advocates may have media, political and marketing expertise—but, so far, they lack the passion, energy and, as gun nuts hint–the firepower of their opponents, including state Rep. Curt Oda and his best friend, right.

As far as online protests are concerned, the gun guys have that covered too, including a Ruger-sponsored site that will fax your congressman, along with Obama, Biden and the governor.

Are gun control advocates willing to take it to the streets?

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