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Utah roller coaster: Ride Huntsman in 2016

by on November 19, 2012

It didn’t take long for Jon Huntsman Jr. to kick off his 2016 presidential run. His dad, Jon Sr., floated the idea with Fox News arguing that Jon has everything Mitt Romney woefully lacked:


”Jon Junior is a remarkable man. He’s been an ambassador three times, he’s been a governor twice, he speaks to these crowds, he speaks to the students, he speaks to the Hispanics.” (Heck, Jon Jr. adopted the Asian and Indian constituency.)

The old man’s right, of course, not to mention that Jon Jr. loves street food and rock n’ roll and has a sense of humor–things totally beyond Mitt’s comprehension. Jon, however, has one thing in common with MItt–he’s got family millions behind him.

Huntsman Jr. has all the pieces moving into place: Mitt proved that Americans don’t really have it in for Mormons (or any other religion), the Democrats won’t have an incumbent and by 2016 any luster Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has will have dissipated.

Unfortunately, Mitt might actually hurt Huntsman’s chances of nomination with his most recent out-of-touch comments that further alienated him from the 47 percent and a new GOP. One could see Republicans looking Jon over and saying: “He’s got it all, but remember the last time we ran a Mormon?”

But Jon Sr.’s even considered about that (no wonder he’s so rich). He told Fox: “Mitt needs to go hide for about two or three months. He already wiped out the 47 percent. Now he’s made this other statement. He needs to get off the stage and let the Republican Party rebuild itself; it has the potential. We’ve done it before.”

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  1. If Jon Huntsman wants to serve his country AND be elected President, he must “convert” to the political party that will vote for him: the Democratic Party.
    Utahns would flock to vote for him, the same as they did for Romney.

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