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SLCene Suggests: Rob Zombie at Usana Amphitheater

by on September 28, 2012


The so-called “Twins of Evil” tour is a bit of a quandary for this rock and roll fan. On the one hand you have Rob Zombie, an endlessly entertaining fellow with a deep catalog of tasty tunes (“Dragula,” “Living Dead Girl,” “More Human Than Human,” among others) that pair up perfectly with his over-the-top stage theatrics. You watch a Zombie show, you get impressive pyro, clever film clips and giant robots roaming the stage, as well as ace guitar man John 5 blowing your mind at every turn. On the other hand, you have Marilyn Manson, who I’ve never paid much mind to, who hasn’t produced any memorable music in at least a decade (if ever), and who hardly counts as an equal to Zombie, at least in my mind. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by Manson’s half of the show–at worst, you’ll find me in the beer line waiting for the always good, every time Zombie live show. Korn’s Jonathan Davis was originally going to open the show, spinning tunes DJ-style, but he’s been replaced by a dude from Slipknot spinning tunes. Suffice to say, you’ll find me in the parking lot throwing down some beers during that portion of the show. Join me!

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