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Love and hate: Mia makes prime time

by on September 25, 2012

Novice congressional candidate and Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love has been making national news right and left.

Progressive beacon Mother Jones magazine connected some dots about the GOP’s poster child for inclusiveness that apparently local media overlooked.

In January 2011, Love told the Deseret News that her parents came to America in the 1970s to find a better life. The heart-warming DNews story is guaranteed to leave you misty eyed—unless you’re a rock-ribbed Republican.

According to Love’s account reported by the DNews, under the then immigration statute, her parents needed to have a baby to get that coveted U.S. citizenship.

They had Mia 25 days before the law ran out and were able to bring her siblings to American. Mia told the newspaper, “My parents have always told me I was a miracle and our family’s ticket to America.”

But Mother Jones, unlike the DNews, checked into Love’s story:

According to immigration lawyers and US immigration officials, there doesn’t appear to have been a law of the kind described in the article that would have conferred citizenship on Love’s parents, let alone her siblings, by simply having a baby in the United States.

Love’s campaign didn’t respond to Mother Jones‘s or The Salt Lake Tribune‘s requests for interviews, so the question remains: Is Mia Love a poster child for “anchor babies” (something reviled by immigration hardliners) or simply a gifted yarn spinner? Immigration reform zealots are surely waiting with baited breath.

Lovin’ Love

A news cycle or two before Mother Jones story broke, Washington Post columnist George Will was happily using GOP rising star Mia Love to Congress to bash liberals about the myth of a “racial stalemate” in America.

Love is running against the Utah delegation’s only Democrat, if only in name. Will ominously points out that two-thirds of the voters in the newly created Fourth Congressional District NEVER voted for Matheson—formerly of the Second District.

“In this, one of the most racially and culturally homogenous states, the only uninteresting thing about Love is that she is black. This is not just progress; it is the destination toward which progress was directed during the brisk march to today’s healthy indifference to the fact that Love would be the first black Republican woman ever in the House. Some “stalemate.”

“In March 2008, in the speech ostensibly explaining the inexplicable — his 20 years in the pews of the raving Rev. Jeremiah Wright — candidate Barack Obama referred to ‘a racial stalemate we’ve been stuck in for years.’ Hardly.”

Getting national recognition, obviously, has its downside, besides embarrassing stories like the one in Mother Jones, Love, along with Matheson, will soon be bashed big-time in attack ads. The DNews reports that PACs have bought up $3.6 million in air time to savage the candidates, bringing some swing-state excitement to Utah.

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  1. Joe permalink

    Not sure what you mean. Is it because she married a white person? Do you feel the same way about Obama?

    My Black family members will be voting for Mia, and anyone else who helps stop the administration from pushing our Country down the drain, even more than Bush did.

    Mother Jones is the same liberal mag. that fired Michael Moore for being too honest : ) and sent that edited Mitt “secret video” out to the liberal media just when America was opening her eyes (accusing Mitt of saying he didn’t care, because he admitted those not voting for him probably weren’t concerned about the jobs he’d create and taxes he’d lower etc, that’s probably true, the agenda is more important for some), and distracting us from 911 2012, while the “administration” again lied to us about the known terrorist attacks that they did nothing to prevent).
    And now they are going after Mia. We have to wonder why Mother Jones thinks she is so important? Could she be a powerful force for good? Could she help stop the agenda that would destroy traditional families, freedom of religion, neutral and free press, and our economy? These are the four most important vertebrae in the backbone of any Nation. : )

    I don’t care if Mia believed her parents, or only now looked into their story. My wife is an immigrant, and she doesn’t know the details of laws or how her parents got here. I don’t care if Mia’s parents were illegal, legal, etc. She’s a much better person than Democrat Matheson, and she has done so much good for Saratoga Springs. And will do more good for our Country than Obama has. I was excited when Obama won, but he has done little for us, and he has let homosexuals control him. He said he wouldn’t take a dime from Special Interests, and he is following the money coming from the most powerful and most racist special interest group in America.

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