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SLCene Suggests: 5 Tips for Your Week

by on August 8, 2012

Music galore and one manic standup comic who also happens to be a must-see fill your slate of SLCene suggestions this week. Check it out:

Grammy-winning jazz-pop queen Diana Krall ‘s music is like a warm blanket–simple, comfortable, cozy as all git-out. Being largely ignorant of jazz music, generally speaking, I never knew much about her vocal or piano skills, or paid Krall’s music any mind, until she married Elvis Costello nine years ago. Costello is, in my book, pretty much as good as it gets in modern music, so naturally I was curious about his new bride. Her last visit to Red Butte Garden, I went to the show and found Krall an utter charmer on stage, and her music a perfect match for that serene, scenic environment. I’m guessing that will be the case once again–now if we could just repeat my Costello sighting on Main Street from that last Krall visit. Denzal Sinclaire opens the show.

Diana Krall headlines at Red Butte Garden Wednesday, Aug. 8.

The Mynabirds’ Laura Berhenn might not be a name you’re familiar with, but I have a feeling that will change over time. The Washington, D.C., native is currently based in indie-rock mecca Omaha, and The Mynabirds is essentially a rotating collective of musicians who revolve around the singer/songwriter. After some hard touring in support of the Mynabirds’ 2010 debut, and then more time on the road as part of Bright Eyes, Burhenn finally got to release a second Mynabirds album this summer–and Generals proved worth the wait. The sound has moved beyond the pop-folk of the band’s debut to delve into some electronic flourishes and louder, less poppy rock passages. And lyrically, Burhenn boldly lets her political tendencies infuse her songs with genuine edge. Seeing Mynabirds at a small place like Kilby Court could be a real treat. Deep Time opens the show.

The Mynabirds headline Kilby Court on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Some of you most likely heard Milo Greene when the Los Angeles folk-poppers opened for the Civil Wars at a sold-out Depot show in May. That was my introduction to the band’s boy/girl vocal harmonizing and subtly twangy sound. Besides thinking “What’s with the name?” (It’s allegedly the moniker of a made-up manager), I thought “These guys won’t be opening for long.” And here they are, back headlining their own tour in support of their self-titled debut, released just a couple weeks back. If you love meticulously crafted pop songs with a rootsy base, Milo Greene could be your Next Thing.  Family of the Year opens.

Folk-poppers Milo Greene headline Saturday, Aug. 11, at Kilby Court.

Truth be told, I only came to listen to Truth & Salvage Co. because of their association with one of my favorite rock bands, The Black Crowes. Crowes’ singer Chris Robinson signed the band and produced their self-titled debut that was released in 2010. He also took the band on the road to open for the Black Crowes. I missed that show, but later saw Truth & Salvage Co. headline a show at The State Room, and it was a blast. The Los Angeles roots of the band certainly came through via the group’s vocal harmonies, but they also had a swinging sound that reminded me of The Band. The fact that when I saw the band’s drummer for the first time I thought he was Ron Jeremy hiding in a witness-protection program has NOTHING to do with how much I like them now.

L.A. rockers Truth & Salvage Co. headline a free show at the Canyons in Park City on Saturday, Aug. 11.

Comic Marc Maron’s been doing standup (among other things) for nearly two decades, but it took his hugely popular podcast chat show, WTF with Marc Maron, to get him some mainstream attention. The podcast IS excellent, with Maron holing up with a series of comedians, musicians, writers and the like and delving into long, winding conversations that regularly last an hour or more. You’ll hear people far more famous than Maron reveal things you’ve never heard, and you’ll hear Maron’s distinct comic voice cutting through his self-lacerating commentary as well. His standup shares an off-the-cuff feel of his talk show; when I saw him at Wiseguys on a previous visit, the best bits of the night came out of Maron’s interaction with a drunk fanboy up front.

Marc Maron headlines two shows at Wiseguys West Valley on Saturday, Aug. 11.

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