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Romney gets Harried on taxes

by on August 5, 2012

Mitt Romney made a perplexing statement recently: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has to “put up or shut up” on his allegations that Mitt has avoided paying taxes for the last decade.

Other Republicans are calling Reid a liar. Keep in mind, that Harry stated his claim about Mitt eluding taxes as more of a hypothesis based on something he had heard. But still, Harry could wind up looking like a  chump.

But, obviously, Reid can’t be proven a liar unless Mitt makes his 1040s public. So it would seem the wily Nevada senator, in front of the nation, tricked Mitt into painting himself into a corner.

Democrats have seized on this and even many Republicans have called for Mitt to open his books. It’s time to release your tax info, Mitt.

What’s the worst we’ll find:

You’re more filthy rich than we every dreamed? Off shore accounts? Humongous contributions to a church of which some small-minded voters are wary?

That we’ll check your math or challenge your home-office deduction?

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