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Game changing in a goat suit

by on July 21, 2012

In an unexpected boost for Utah tourism, a story of outdoor adventure has captured the world’s imagination — a “goat-man” has been discovered frolicking among the state’s herds of wild goats.

Utah’s Department of Wildlife Resources, naturally, is concerned that the man dressed in a crude goat costume might get shot by hunters or, more likely, attacked by one of the bonafide mountain goats who are not know for their sense of whimsy.

“They may get agitated. They’re territorial. They are, after all, wild animals,” DNR’s Phil Douglass told the AP. “This person puts on a goat suit, he changes the game.”

It seems reasonable that even the most laid-back mountain goat could become “agitated” by a dude in fuzzy costume sneaking up from behind.

Still, the DWR doesn’t want to impinge on the goat-man’s freedom of expression, Douglass said.

“People do some pretty out-there things in the name of enjoying wildlife. But I’ve never had a report like this. There’s a saying we have among biologists – You don’t go far enough, you don’t get the data. You go too far, you don’t go home. The same is true with some wildlife enthusiasts.”

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