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Win tickets to Josh Ritter’s show at Red Butte Garden

by on July 14, 2012

Do you love singer/songwriter Josh Ritter, the hyper-literate songsmith straight outta Moscow, Idaho? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to check out a show at Red Butte Garden, but haven’t had the chance.

We’re here to help. Just leave a comment about Ritter or Red Butte Garden on this post, and include a way to reach you (preferably an email address), and we’ll pick some folks randomly to get a pair of tix to the show this Tuesday at Red Butte Garden at 7:30 p.m., when Ritter will play with his band The Royal City Band, along with opener Joe Purdy.

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  1. Thanks for playing, everybody! I let the winner know via email–so if you haven’t checked yours lately–do it!

  2. Kristie Nanes permalink

    My heart’s still beatin’..I need to hear it live. I’d love to see Josh Ritter Tuesday night at Red Butte. Please.

  3. Kristie Nanes permalink

    My hearts still beatin’..I need to hear it live. I’d love to see Josh Ritter Tuesday night at Red Butte. Please.

  4. Hollykj permalink

    Hello starling! I need tickets for a bright smile.

  5. Chris Hansen permalink

    Pick me! Pick meeee!

  6. Sheila permalink

    Red Butte Gardens = Another New World
    Josh Ritter = Good Man
    Tickets to see Josh Ritter at Red Butte = Rattling Locks

  7. Carl permalink

    It’s a long way to heaven, it’s closer to Harrisburg…and it’s even closer to Red Butte.

  8. Red Butte concerts are everything that is good about summer. Sunshine, beer, and live music! And who doesn’t love the folks from Moscow? Go Vandals!

  9. Erica permalink

    I love me some Josh Ritter!!

  10. Shelly Wilkerson permalink

    I’ve lived in Utah for for 22 years and have somehow not ever been to Red Butte…please help me correct that by choosing me to receive Josh Ritter tickets. Thanks!

  11. James Jardine permalink

    Red Butte is the best venue in Utah to go to a live show & Josh Ritter is a treasure.
    Nobody should miss this show.

  12. jen dodge permalink

    Add one amazing singer songwriter plus one of the most amazing venues to equal a perfect Utah summer night. Could I ever get that lucky?

  13. Susan D. permalink

    I would love to spend an evening at Red Butte listening to Josh Ritter! I used to be a garden member and absolutely love Red Butte. Ever since the economic downturn, I’ve had to cut back and although a membership is close to essential, I did have to give it up. 😦
    Would love to be considered for free tickets. 🙂

  14. Erica Casey permalink

    LOVE Josh Ritter! LOVE Red Butte! It would be a perfect evening!!

  15. LierenSA permalink

    I first heard Josh Ritter playing from the headphones of my first high school crush — it’s been a goal to see him live ever since!

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