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This is a job for Deputy Fife!

by on July 3, 2012

Bless him, Rep. Jason Chaffetz is actively defending Utah’s title as the go-to state for comic relief.

Chaffetz told Fox News (who else?) that Congress is considering dispatching its sergeant-at-arms to arrest recalcitrant Attorney General Eric Holder on contempt charges.

A few hours later, Chaffetz’s acknowledged his role model is the late Andy Griffith. Tweeted Chaffetz:

“Learned a lot from The Andy Griffith Show. Good fun. Will be missed. He was a national treasure.”

Remember the days when Chaffetz ran for office on a promise of rounding up illegal immigrants and putting them in “tent cities”?

If I recall correctly, Sheriff Andy Taylor’s Mayberry was a southern town eerily depopulated of people of color.

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