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You and Me and the Polyphonic Spree

by on April 2, 2012

The first time I saw the Polyphonic Spree, they were brand-spanking-new and blowing minds via several performances at the South By Southwest Music Festival of 2000. In a town loaded with leather-clad hipsters, urban cowboys and music-biz types, everyone on hand who happened to catch a Polyphonic Spree set walked away buzzing about this rock ‘n’ roll choir they’d just experienced.

Led by former Tripping Daisy frontman Tim DeLaughter, the group has become a bit of an omnipresent pop cultural force in the years since, particularly via the use of their song “Light and Day,” in everything from The Lorax movie trailer to the soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They’ve performed at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony, composed the soundtrack of Sundance favorite Thumbsucker and done the opening song for Showtime series The United States of Tara, and performed during Fashion Week in New York, by request of designer Oscar de la Renta.

After a few years out of the public eye, the band is back on the road with its utterly unique blend of voices and symphonic-pop sounds, worshipping at the altar of the Beach Boys, The Association and other uplifting vocal crews. It really is something to behold the Polyphonic Spree in concert–it’s in the same ballpark as a Flaming Lips live experience: Always entertaining, and potentially life-changing.

And this is your chance to see them for free. I have 20 pairs of tickets to the Polyphonic Spree’s show at The Depot on Monday, April 9, and all you need to do to secure a pair is leave a comment here with your proper name for me to pass on to the United Concerts folks–make sure to use your real name, since The Depot box office will be asking for ID. You and a guest will have tickets waiting for you at Will Call on show night. Simple, yes?

So leave a comment, tell your friends to do the same, and I’ll see you at the show!

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  1. Jessica Johns

  2. Alrighty, everyone in the comments is on the list at Will Call! The show is Monday at the Depot–ask for Chris Abbott of United Concerts if you run into any issues. See you at the show!

  3. The whole band of Juana Ghani would LOVE this! (In fact, I think we’d be a great support/opener if UC is looking. They are one of the few bands out there with more members than us.)

    I have been a huge fan of Polyphonic Spree from their beginning (and Tripping Daisy before that).

    Leisl Bonell

  4. Christopher Futral permalink

    And to think… In grade school I always got “excellent” in “reads and follows directions” but now I’m middle aged and Dan Nailen is confusing me. So it goes. But my name is Christopher Futral and I am here hoping to go see this show. Whoot Whoot!!!!

  5. Tim Bowman permalink

    Looks interesting!

  6. Gillian permalink

    I want to go please, Dan! Gillian Rawcliffe ❤

  7. Kirk Brown permalink

    One of the best bands I ever witnessed live in the 90’s was Tripping Daisy, and evertime I’ve had a chance to see PS I’ve had to leave town, but not this Monday, I’ll be there.

  8. Austin Frodsham permalink

    Austin Frodsham

  9. Coleman Nicholls permalink

    I like giveaways. I have a desk full of pharmaceutical pens and a closet full of real estate frisbees. No concert ticket stubs:(

  10. Manda Bull! It’s been a dream of mine to see the Spree!

  11. Ryan J Robinson permalink

    Ryan J Robinson. Thanks Dan!

  12. dandeelyun permalink

    Debra Biser (and thanks!)

  13. Hey Aaron–is your last name Montestout? Wanna make sure I have it right for the list. Thanks,Dan

  14. aaronmontestout permalink

    As you can tell I can’t spell or use proper grammar to save my life!

  15. aaronmontestout permalink

    I first saw them on PBS… And I think I was from their set at SXSW… It was way cool. Then I saw them again on scrubs and after that I haven’t seen them since I thought they were dead but I guess not! I only need a choir rope…

  16. lbrosch1 permalink

    Lauralee Broschinsky

  17. lbrosch1 permalink

    I want to see the polyphonic spree. I was planning on going but free would be even better since the sori

  18. Courtney Blair permalink

    Courtney Blair

  19. Jon Kilcrease permalink

    The first and last time I saw the Polyphonic Spree, Zach Braff had a job. Good times!

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