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Welcome to, where you’ll find news, reviews and commentary by longtime Salt Lake City-based reporters and columnists Dan Nailen and Glen Warchol. You’ve read their coverage of Salt Lake City’s political and cultural scenes in the pages of The Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, Salt Lake magazine and Salt Lake City Weekly. Now you can check in here for news, views and reviews of everything Salt Lake City has to offer those living behind the Zion Curtain.

  1. Ah, good to hear. And you raise an argument I hadn’t thought of, re. Al J vs. Rob Z. Guess I consider Ministry of another era. Both great live, although Zombie gets the massive spectacle prize. Hmmm. Dan Nailen Freelance Writer Blog: Twitter: @DanNailen


  2. Art Raymond permalink

    Dan- Just wanted to let you know that “…stripper music for the zombie apocalypse…” had me smiling all day. I was unsuccessful in co-opting that line in conversations I had throughout the work day, but feel confident the opportunity will present itself, eventually. Your review also led me to revisit one of rock’s biggest dilemmas…the eternal conflict of Al Jourgensen v. Rob Zombie. Speaking personally, my heart’s big enough of for both…



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