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SLCene Suggests: John Bell’s The Next Supper–A Dinner Happening

by on September 27, 2012


This one-night-only special event at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art sounds really cool in concept, but I have the feeling that everyone who goes to check it out will be jealous of artist John Bell’s collaborators. The centerpiece of the show is a 68-person dining table that will be set up in the museum’s main gallery, and the people seated at the table will use the stuff in front of them–food, wine, candles and whatnot–to complete some of Bell’s unfinished canvasses. Ryan Lowder of The Copper Onion is designing the meal, so you know it will be both visually sweet and damn tasty, too. Talk about your interactive experiences–how does one get on the guest list for one of Bell’s future foodie nights? Actually, they sold tix, but it’s sold out, so we’ll all be relegated to watching the proceedings as art fans, rather than diners, but it should still be worthy. This is the third of Bell’s “dinner happenings;” one of the past ones took place in L.A.’s Chinatown.

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