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Gov’s cease fire holds

by on June 30, 2012

Hot times in the desert means rifle-range business.

When Gov. and chief Realtor Gary Herbert, beseeched fellow Utahns to “use a little common sense” with fireworks and target shooting after a series of human-caused fires swept the state–we thought he was asking a lot.

Bring a bucket of water and a shovel along on outings that involve munitions? Not going to happen, we figured.

First, seldom do Utahn’s and common sense behavior overlap. On top of that, any yahoo who buys fireworks has self-selected himself out of the rational-thinker demographic. (Crawler’s got the scars to show it.)

But lo and behold–the state’s firearms lovers may have gotten the message. Saturday, gun ranges around the county were crowded to overflowing.

The Lee Kay Public Shooting Range west of  SLC had waiting lines for shooting stations and was running low on targets.  For hours: 801-972-1326

(Note to yahoos: Lee Kay doesn’t allow exploding targets, sub-machine guns or tracer ammo.)

Nevertheless, will someone check in to see if Lee Kay’s still standing?

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